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The Molecular Genomics Core (MGC) offers several genotyping options for the determination of genotypes at specific positions in the genome (SNPs). We can help you determine which of the technologies we support is most appropriate for your SNP genotyping project. Number of samples to process, number of SNPs to interrogate, and the complexity of the chromosomal segment (GC content, repeats) around the SNPs of interest are all factors to consider before choosing a genotyping platform.  Genotyping provides a measurement of the genetic variation between members of a species which are often found to be associated with many human diseases. Because SNPs have been evolutionarily conserved, they have been proposed as markers for use in quantitative trait loci analysis and in association studies in place of microsatellites.

Samples should be submitted in the form of genomic DNA either frozen or as an ethanol precipitate.  Once received, sample quantity will be determined via the NanoDrop which will be used to dilute the sample to the appropriate concentration for processing.  Once samples pass QC, SNP analysis will be carried out on either our Affymetrix GeneChip system or ABI 7000/7500, depending of the project.  A customized report specific to the platform will be generated.

Genotyping Services

  • High Density Oligonucleotide SNP arrays
  • Taqman-Based Allelic Discrimination
  • Sequence-Base Genotyping

Service Features & Options

  • Experimental Design
  • Assay design & optimization (TaqMan/DNA Seq)
  • Sample Quantitation via NanoDrop® ND-1000
  • Data Analysis

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