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The Molecular Genomics Core (MGC) has extensive experience with RNA/DNA isolation from a variety of starting materials including whole blood, buffy coats, lymphocytes, cultured cells, fresh and frozen tissues and various bacteria. Our experience allows us to easily identify the appropriate protocol for your specific sample source. Optimization of the process may be necessary to maximize both yield and quality in order to meet downstream processing needs.  Once the process is optimized and your samples processed, quantity and quality are assessed with the NanoDrop and Agilent BioAnalyzer instruments respectively.  Investigators receive a quality report with their RNA/DNA.

Service Features & Options

  • Protocol Optimization
  • Customized Tissue disruption
  • Sample Quantitation via NanoDrop® ND-1000
  • Qualitative Sample analysis via Agilent BioAnalyzer®
  • Easy to understand Quality Report

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To schedule an appointment or to discuss experimental design, send an email, or call 409-772-6349.

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