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The Recombinant DNA laboratory is a Core Facility in the Sealy Center for Molecular Medicine and offers a variety of technical services designed to benefit and enhance research programs at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Recombinant DNA technology has evolved from a specialty into a integral part of the research strategy for programs that transcend the various disciplines within both basic and clinical research. The increased emphasis on the use of molecular approaches to address the specific aims of today's research programs has required a level of sophistication in experimental design that until recently would have been considered avant-garde. The role of the Recombinant DNA Laboratory is to provide technical support that will facilitate the successful attainment of these research aims by providing state-of-the-art reagents and technical support in the area of recombinant DNA technology. Available services include plasmid DNA production, competent cell preparation, transformation and screening, isolation of eukaryotic RNA and DNA, DNA sequencing, polymerase chain reaction technologies, vector/plasmid construction, bacterial expression and various types of mutagenesis (deletion, replacement or site-directed).


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Interested parties outside of UTMB should contact the laboratory at 409-747-0386 or Dr. Thomas Wood for pricing or additional information.